Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Grupa MTP.

The new edition of OMEGA magazine is out. Read as you like!

Read new issue of OMEGA magazine on paper and online.

New issue of OMEGA magazine, read on paper and online

The present is shaking under the influence of emotions, is unstable, polarizes.It is worth keeping calm and sober mind. Focus...


The exhibition industry in Poland is currently in a dramatic situation. And the only way to save hundreds of companies is...

New interactive e-issue of OMEGA magazine

We invite you to read the latest interactive edition of OMEGA magazine. Get inspired - click on the marked places - see what...

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Discover the new face of "OMEGA.Idea Book for the funeral industry". Click on the marked places - see what will happen!

We return to the game!

The government is lifting the restrictions and we are returning to the game. Prepared to resume the activity and ensure...

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There is no end to our search for new funeral products and services. We look forward to new initiatives, follow them closely...

Get inspired with OMEGA!

Over the past decades, the attitudes towards funeral ceremonies have changed. Practices have evolved along with general social...

Fresh dose of inspiration available!

All companies operate in a specific environment. Funeral entrepreneurs most often operate on the local or regional market...

It's here! Read the new edition of OMEGA magazine

Have you noticed that there is a lot going on in the Polish funeral market, that there has been an accelerated shift towards...

FIAT-IFTA meeting at MEMENTO Poznań 2018

On the industry portal, there was published a report from visit of the board of the FIAT-IFTA industry...

MEMENTO 2018 – the key event of the funeral industry in Poland

The most important event of the funeral industry in Poland – funeral fair MEMENTO Poznań – ended on Saturday, November 17th...

Idea Expo


Trust the experience! We've been constructing fair stands with passion for over 30 years! Our offer includes constructing and designing, as well as unusual solutions that suits your needs!

GARDENcity restaurants

Designer restaurants in the business center of Poznań

Inside the three-level complex there are spacious rooms, the character of which evolves with the vision and needs of guests: Saffron, Vanilla, Tabasco and Cinnamon. The meeting space is complemented by two restaurants: Basilico Bistro - offering express lunches and Oregano and Wine - a fine dining restaurant.

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