Thematic scope


  1. Cemetery machinery, equipment and devices
  2. Cemetery structures and equipment: design and execution (crematory facilities, mortuaries, chapels, niches and columbaria, sepulchres)
  3. Cemetery and funeral supplies (coffins, urns and clothing for mourners and cemetery workers)
  4. Software for cemetery administration (recordkeeping, cemetery mapping, burial register and records of financial revenue, cemetery plot reservation, defining cemetery sections and tombs, ongoing control of proper location of tombs, graves and monuments)
  5. Software for funeral companies and crematorium’s
  6. Transport: transport equipment (hearses, carts, lifts, capsules, stretchers, etc.) and transport services (carriage)
  7. Greenery (design, cutting and tending of trees, bushes and greenery, grave tending and maintenance, green waste composting)
  8. Health & Safety (project supervision by investor, exhumation supervision)
  9. Services
    • cemetery services
    • funeral services (organisation of burial ceremonies)
    • municipal services (solid waste disposal, cesspool emptying, cemetery cleaning and maintenance, winter maintenance of paths and roads, water and sewer utility maintenance)
    • stonemason services
    • construction services
    • maintenance services
    • cemetery supervision
    • printing services
  10. Other
  11. Equipment, tools and cooling accessories