FIAT-IFTA meeting at MEMENTO Poznań 2018

1/14/2019 12:00:00 PM


On the industry portal, there was published a report from visit of the board of the FIAT-IFTA industry association at the funeral fair MEMENTO Poznań 2018.

During the tenth edition of MEMENTO Poznań, the organizers had the honor of hosting the newly elected president of the International Organization of Funeral Companies FIAT-IFTA, originating from Japan, Hiroshi Kitajima, and an extremely numerous delegation from the organization: vice president Marek Cichewicz, second vice president, William Wappner, third vice president, Johan Dexters, secretary of FIAT-IFTA, Emerson De Luca and secretary of the management, Gerard Knap. These guests were also accompanied by delegates representing other key industry organizations: EFFS President - European Federation of Funeral Services, Guillaume Fontaine, President of the Bulgarian Funeral Association (Union of the Funeral Companies of Bulgaria - Atanas Argirov, President of the Slovakian SAPAKS Funeral Association - Mr. Ladislav Striź, President Estonian Funeral Association TALLINNA Krematoorium- Mr. Andres TÖNISSOO and President of the Latvian Association - Apbedītāju Asociācija - EAA - Mr. Sergejs Pizans.

The meeting at the fair was an opportunity for the management of the organization to formulate a business mission for the next two years. President Kitajima together with representatives of organizations from around the world intends to continue activities aimed at promoting funeral education, supporting the innovation of funeral industry products and implementing support programs helping members of the organization to improve the quality of their services and improve relationships with families in mourning.

As part of the activity, representatives of the organization plan to also introduce an exchange program, thanks to which its members will be given the opportunity to take a three-week internship in a funeral company in another country.

Another priority task of the organization in the coming years will be to develop a list of funeral heritage in the member countries. The research will be aimed at protecting the tradition and customs of funerals in various countries.

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