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5/8/2019 12:00:00 PM


All companies operate in a specific environment. Funeral entrepreneurs most often operate on the local or regional market. It is natural for them to interact with the local community; it is in their DNA. How to implement good pro-ecological practices and have a positive impact on the local community? We invite you to read the latest issue of the OMEGA. Idea Book for the funeral industry magazine.

In the TREND BOOK section we wish to prove that it is worth following the trends and taking care of the natural environment as well as the well-being of the local community. Recently, such an attitude has become an important factor of competitiveness on the services market. The implementation of CSR policy often does not require large expenditures. Sometimes all it takes is just a small change to your routine activities that will allow you to achieve a lot! In acting for the local community it is sometimes worth joining forces, because together we can achieve more. That is what CINTAF Poland and OrthoMetals are trying to prove by offering funeral homes a win-win partnership, having a constructive impact on collaborating entrepreneurs and having a positive impact on the local community.

Two trade fairs for the funeral industry will take place in Poland in the coming months. Entrepreneurs have a hard nut to crack, doing their best to find funds as well as logistical and personal capacities. In the magazine we ask the key question - What is the funeral trade fair for? - and we encourage you to search for answers in the FUNERAL MARKETING section. If you want to know more about how to run a funeral business according to the needs of contemporary clients, we encourage you to save the date of the third edition of the FUNERAL FORUM, a unique training and conference event ( Leaders will meet in Poznań November 22-23.

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