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The present is shaking under the influence of emotions, is unstable, polarizes.It is worth keeping calm and sober mind. Focus on what we can do, and do it as best we can, at this particular moment.

Magazine "OMEGA. The idea of Book for the funeral industry", facing any pandemic challenges, returns in print. This does not mean, however, that we give up the interactive version, which was very well received by you due to the possibilities of business interaction - clicking on the highlighted elements of the e-issue allows you to go to the website or write an email. We believe that these functionalities will be helpful for you in building relationships.

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In this issue we mobilize you to focus on defining and guiding values in your daily life and in managing your company. In our opinion, in uncertain times, values are a reliable compass for making personal and business decisions.

The current time is conducive to cutting costs. Does this mean that you will not be promoting your services or products? Or maybe now is the best time to show them to potential customers? These and many other questions related to promotion and sales are answered in the FUNERAL MARKETING section. We also encourage you to take care of your presence in the Internet. We suggest how to create a Google My Company profile, the so-called Google Maps, thanks to which your company is more visible in search results. Those who are not determined to try their hand at social media are encouraged to become friends with Facebook, and those who have already dared, we provide inspiring ideas for engaging posts.

>> Read online interactive issue of OMEGA magazine