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6/5/2020 12:00:00 PM


Discover the new face of "OMEGA.Idea Book for the funeral industry". Click on the marked places - see what will happen!

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We're all going through a quick course of dealing with a new, unprecedented situation. Changes are happening in almost all categories of life and business. What new order will emerge from this chaos and how will it affect the funeral industry?

Will funeral homes become more interactive, or will we return to forgotten traditions? We look for answers to these questions in this issue of the magazine. In our opinion, responding quickly and flexibly to changing conditions, taking the initiative, thinking outside the box and entrepreneurship are now crucial.

In this spirit, we are handing over the first interactive edition of the OMEGA magazine to you. What does this mean? Clicking on the marked places and all advertisements will take you directly to our partners' websites to see special offers or watch a video. Do not wait – check it out!

The funeral industry is a world of men. This is a common social belief. Reading numerous reports from different countries and talking to women working in the funeral industry leads to the reflection that it is similar all over the world. Although women are not inferior to men in terms of knowledge and preparation for work in this demanding industry, they often come across a "glass ceiling" and face many challenges. As a result, they find their own niche and specialize in it. Being a woman in the funeral industry can be a great asset. Check by reading our report.

We encourage you to take a creative and constructive approach to the challenge facing the funeral industry and... the whole world. There is no need to wait for better times. We are the ones who create the "new normality".

>> Read online interactive issue of OMEGA magazine