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The only things that are certain in life are... death, taxes and... change. With change always comes the fear and uncertainty of stepping out of your comfort zone. Trends researcher Professor Amy Webb says that fear and uncertainty are best turned into curiosity, because exploration can bring new experiences and skills that are useful in the so-called 'new normal' world.

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It is used to say about funeral industry that it will always be profitable. After all, sooner or later all the people in the world will be its customers. However, the funeral industry, like any other sector of the economy, is not exempt from the consequences of demographic, economic, social and technological events. The COVID-19 epidemic has perhaps shown this best, changing consumer behaviour, lifestyles and work patterns for good, which is no small matter for the funeral industry. Despite more deaths, funeral industry profits are not growing. So how we should work to be successful in the next 5-10 years? In the TREND BOOK section, we present 11 tips. We also write about selected aspects in the following articles in the FUNERAL MARKETING and STAFF MANAGEMENT sections. There you will find answers to questions such as: how to position yourself as an expert, sell more, promote yourself effectively, hire the right employee.


Take a look at the anniversary interview with Dariusz Gujda, Vice-President of the Board of Directors and Chief Financial Officer of MELEX, a brand that has become a synonym for a product in the entire electric vehicle market segment, which has been developing agilely based on product diversification, customisation in response to individual customer needs and constant attention to quality. Adapting nimbly to change for 50 years and boldly drawing up plans for the future is truly inspiring!

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